Fun, sun… life!


I swear when I heard the words gator bags, all I could think about was packing my bags and going away. You know, fun and sun, and lots of downtime.


Been working so hard to impress the bosses so the past few weeks have been totally busy and all work. When my best friends told me that we need to make the weekend getaway happen, I acquiesced. I wiped out whatever plans I had for the past weekend and made all the effort to push through with the fun and sun.

I am happy I had that time.

I had a blast!

The girls and I.


It is not often that I get to see my girl friends. Most of the time, we see each other on very special occasions, like when someone comes back from a long stay abroad, during a party celebration, or when, sadly, someone passes away.

So, to spend guitar center hours sunday with the girls, it was surely a rare one. The girls and I booked way ahead of time and we exerted extra effort to make it happen. It did.

I am grateful for the time I spent with them.

Good music, great food, even greater company.



I almost lost this blog.

The truth is that the domain expired and was close to being taken by another registrar. Thank goodness I was able to take it back! Thank you, GoDaddy!

I really thought it was the end of My Happy Jar. This blog has a Facebook page and it already has a number of followers. I might not be too active in posting there but I know it is there, waiting for my updates.

I will endeavor to update both blog and FB page from now on.

Stay tuned.

Love and pride.

Truth be told, I feel so happy for a former staff of mine in the accounting department in a call center company here in the country. She married a man in the military service and she is very proud of the fact. I think I would have to as well if I married one just like her man. He is a good man who loves his country enough to risk his life defending it.

As a sign of pride for her husband, she is saving to get Joy Jewelers military jewelry for herself. It will be a sign of her love and pride for the husband who is not only good to his country but also to all his love ones.

Out on the road.

Rob often goes out at night just to be by himself. He loves being out on the road, feeling the wind on his face and the world zipping by. His family is always warning him about going out at night not only on road accidents but also on catching cough and colds due to the weather. Good thing CozyWinters has Gerbing heated apparel and that’s what Rob is using whenever he feels like being out on the road at night.

It is important for riders to be wearing the proper apparel and gear whenever they are on their bikes. Not only for their own protection but also to abide by the law. Rob knows this that’s why he makes sure that he wears proper clothing when going out on his bike. It’s always better to be prepared for anything that can happen when one is on the road.

And Rob plans to go out again tonight!

My happy place.

Do you know where my happy place is? On bed! I love to just lie down and read or talk to my sisters about things. I also love to sleep so I am happy when I get enough hours of it.

I know some people who can’t sleep without their cpap masks – on. I feel so bad for them because it’s not a good feeling closing your eyes knowing that at some point in your sleep you will wake up short of breath or worse. My bed is my happy place and I hope most people is happy there, too.

Get verified right away!

My younger cousin, Reena, was searching for a place near her current workplace that she can rent out for the next couple of months. She found two such places and she’s still deciding which one to choose. But she already made her intent to rent the places known to the landlords. She was told that she will undergo employment and income verification first. She said that she’s okay with it if it will be done as soon as possible. Reena told me about it the other night and I told her to suggest to both landlords to use a service like Tenantify.

Verification via Tenantify is thorough and fast. It is designed to serve both landlords and tenants so that their transaction will be done as soon as possible.

The service is free for landlords because tenants will pay the small fee Tenantify asks after the verification is done. Very handy, if you ask me. I think my cousin Reena already suggested to both landlords to use Tenantify. You should, too!