Good and bad thoughts.

Never let people’s negative thoughts about you hinder you from accomplishing what God put in your heart. Dare to dream and dare to live it.


There should be a place inside our head for good and bad thoughts. The good ones should be given a good spot inside our minds. A place where we can easily access it especially when faced with trials. And then there should also be a place for our bad thoughts. It should be a place easily trashed. A place where all those negative things go to.

Oh, if it were that easy to separate thoughts…

Humming through the night.

We have a new neighbor. We believe he is a musician or something because he hums through the night. I swear we can hear him through the walls! We’re not complaining, though. He hums really good music and he kind of became a fixture, a routine, for us. We’d wait for him to start humming around nine in the evening. He’d make it through most nights until midnight. By then, we’d all be peacefully content just listening, not talking or anything, ready for sleep to claim us.

My sister and I were joking the other night that we should get him the hohner harmonica available at Musicians Friend. It will give him an alternative to the humming. It will also give us something new to look forward to every night.


Staying positive.

It can be difficult to stay positive these days. With everything going on at home and abroad, it can be the easier path to let the world get you down. However, short of closing yourself off from the world, there is a less drastic way to improve morale at home. All you have to do is surround yourself with positive influences to make it easier to get through the day.

One way to get out of the dumps is to take a bath. While showers work, too, there’s no denying that a bath is one of the most relaxing things we can do, and it has the obvious practical use we all know, as well. A bath at the end of your day can ease tense muscles and reduce stress while you get clean. Think of it as being not only a physical bath, but a spiritual bath, as well. While you clean your body, you can also wash away to stresses of the day.
Another way to improve your mood is getting out of the house. Going for a walk has been shown to alleviate even depression symptoms, so it could be exactly what you need to keep your head above water. Consider going for a hike every now and then to get some exercise in, as well, further improving your mood. You could also simply take some time to go out to dinner with friends or loved ones, or catch a movie.

Then, there’s the endorphin boosting power of music. Music is one of humanity’s greatest passions, and it almost always improves one’s mood. Take an hour or so each day to listen to a favorite album, the radio, or even an app like Pandora or Spotify. It can soothe or excite you, and you don’t even have to devote yourself wholly to listening; you can do just about anything else alongside the music, making this something you can pair with the other suggestions.

Another, seemingly trivial and frivolous method for improving your mood is knick knacks. Cute or funny baubles can infuse your day with small joys that will have you smiling to yourself, or even chuckling, so try to find something you just makes a happy to leave around the house or in the office; it’s sure to brighten your day. Whatever your choice, eBay can provide everything your need to improve your mood, and then some. With all the options available, there’s no reason to stew in your own misery. Get out there and make a change today!


A local lady who sings so well but is not being marketed like the big stars is slowly being recognized by music enthusiasts. I believe there are so many of us who admire her and who shake their heads whenever she sings and the bigwigs of the music industry don’t acknowledge her talent. She is so darn good like that hartke, her talent amplified by a million-fold!

I really wish that her time to shine will come soon. We need more people like her. She is the epitome of an underrated talent. I know that there’s so much more that she can share not only locally but to the whole world. And I hope her time will come, and very, very soon so people can experience what a joy her voice is.

A sport’s team schedule

Managing a sports team’s schedule can be a complicated business. No matter whether the team is a local community softball group, a high school football team or a professional hockey team, scheduling is a crucial part of a team’s success. The fact is, somebody has to ensure that every team member knows where to go, when, and without someone creating a daily and weekly schedule, chaos (and lost games) can ensue. Frankly, it’s a miracle that teams are managed as well as they are, but the fact is that keeping teams on a solid, reliable schedule is a very difficult job.

A New Idea In Sports Management

Though team managers have suffered for years trying to keep their players on schedule, many of these sports professionals have longed for an easier way to keep their teams on track. The great news is that now there are new breakthroughs in scheduling, with software that can replicate the work of a sports schedule maker. All of this can streamline the scheduling process and get it all synchronized and very up to date. Yes, having a scheduling breakthrough is giving managers and players reason to celebrate, as now everyone can get the information they need with ease!

Make It Easy

Sites like offer incredible features for scheduling games and workouts, while making it much easier to stay in constant communication with players and other personnel. Great communication is an asset for any organization, and this is especially true in the sports world.

Special software developed for these types of sports management sites can also make managing personnel availability easier too. Teams can create their own websites with email lists using an easy-to-use template, and all this information can be updated with a few simple strokes. Wow, can it really be this easy! Yes, it can!

Everyone loves being involved with sports teams, so why not make it easier for everyone to enjoy the games? If you are involved in sports management, let life be a whole lot easier. Check out the new sports management scheduling software available online today!

Happy faces

When I looked around the living room, with musical instruments near me, I am reminded of the loved ones who were gone too soon from us. They also loved music just as we do. There was no dull moment when they were still with us and, I thought, I also want the same to happen moving forward. There’s enough sadness already and it’s time that we put on our happy faces to welcome the coming year with positive vibes.

You should, too, you know. The world has enough sadness already that we need to do the opposite to balance the aura in the world.

Relaxing night…

This is a night made for chilling out with friends. Good music, delish meals, great conversations. Would you believe that we are talking about lipstick pickups and Bruno Mars right now?

Don’t you just love surprise visits from persons you haven’t seen in a long time? Friends from way back dropped by a couple of hours ago, and still here at home. Yes, I am taking time off from entertaining them, they can very well take care of themselves for a few minutes, while I am writing here. But after this one, I am off to have some fun and relaxing night with people I care so much about.